Skiing season ends April 18

Dear friends, It was our pleasure to welcome you all in 2015-2016 season. Thanks to you, this winter in TC “Bukovel” was so intense and complete. As we know, sad though that is, everything has an ending. We now inform that winter season is officially over in the resort. Just after 8-9 months, we’ll invite […]

Summer in “Bukovel”, book now!

Dear friends, Spring is here and fantastic summer season is just around the corner, with all the opportunities for rest and recreation. Rejuvenating Lake of Youth, mountain trails to explore by bike and by foot, luxury “VODA” SPA-complex and limitless choice of active entertainment for old and young. Try it! Book your summer vacation now, […]

Playgrounds are now open!

Dear friends, we are pleased to inform that starting April 5, all playgrounds and courts are at your disposal. Have an active vacation! For details, visit our pricing area. The country of “Bukovel” welcomes you.

TC “Bukovel” lift hours

Lift operating schedule for lift #2: Winter season: daily 8:30 am – 7:30 pm; Summer season:  9:00 am – 6:00 pm on weekdays, 9:00 am – 7:00 pm on holidays. 1R, 2R, #7 lifts schedule: Winter season:  8:30 am – 4:30 pm; Winter season night skiing: 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm. For all other lifts, […]


“Bukovel” Free-Fight Cup: Season 6

Fourteen. This is the exact number of athletes that took part in not even first season – in the first free fight competition in TC “Bukovel”. Only fourteen fighters and seven fights. That was the year of 2011. Since that time, the number of athletes, willing to participate, went hugely beyond the area capabilities EC […]


TC “Bukovel’s” New Year surprise

Dear friends, we are thrilled to uncover our little New Year surprise. Your active “All at Once” ski passes are now prolonged through January 1st. Last, but not least, all Economy-type ski passes, no matter the pre-purchase date – will all be valid on January 1st! Have a nice and pleasant vacation! The country of […]


Yana Klochkova in VODA day&night club

15th December, visit VODA day&night cluband meet legendary Yana Klochkova, 4 times Olympic Champion and the most titled Ukrainian sportswoman. She is also a perfect example of a well-fit woman and a caring mother. Spend a morning with an Olympic Champion, and you will sure learn a lot. 1.  Aqua-fitness secrets. After becoming a mother, […]


Lifts #11 and #8 now available

We’re launching lifts #8 and #11 on 15th December! More good news, lifts #8 (slopes 8D and 8C) and #11 (slopes 11F and 11E) – are ready for skiing activity. Both lifts will launch tomorrow morning. Have a nice and smooth ride! The country of “Bukovel” is welcoming you.


Slopes and lifts

Dear friends, Feel free to browse through the renewed launch schedule for all our slopes and lifts. Very soon, the overwhelming majority of our slopes shall be provided with artificial snow cover. We hope for the good weather conditions, so we could stick to the plan, or even outrun it. LAUNCH SCHEDULE Have a nice […]


Early risers offer

Early risers offer is a new special proposition for our guests. From Monday to Thursday, book our daily ski passes or outfit rent before 9:00AM and save 30%! You also save 20% when booking on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and during holiday periods. Don’t miss your opportunity and try the intact morning powder! The country […]